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Do I need to file for Tax Return?

According to the US laws, every person who received income in the USA must file a tax return, no matter what taxes have been paid and how much. Let us assist you in completing and filing the special forms required by the government. Failure to file a tax return can cause you problems if you wish to return to the USA. If you are not a US citizen, and worked only in the summer you will most probably receive some extra money in your pocket, so do not wait because the deadline is approaching.

Documents needed for your tax return ?

  • • W-2 form or LAST paycheck from every employer

  • • Copy of your Social Security card;

  • • Copy of your J-1 Visa and Passport;

  • • Copy of your DS-2019;

W-2 – this document is issued by your employer at the end of the calendar year and it contains exact numbers of how much money you received and paid in taxes, while working for that company.It is mandatory for your employer to send you that form between January 1st 2013 and January 31st 2013. Many times students do not provide their address in Bulgaria or other country, or it could just get lost in the mail. If that happens do not worry- in most cases only your LAST paycheck is necessary.

Social Security Card – it is issued by Social Security Administration in the US at the beginning of your employment. The number of that card is a personal identification number and it is similar to the Bulgarian EGN. The government uses it to identify you when processing your tax return. If you lost it, destroyed it or never received one while in the US, contact BG Island LLC office immediately.

Different types of taxes in the USA

It is normal if you have paid Federal and State taxes. Most of the time you will receive all of them back 100%. If you have made more money you will have to pay a bit to the US government. There are a few states that do not withhold state taxes – Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Tennessee. If you have worked in any of those states you need only to file a Federal tax return. Some employers do not know the tax laws very well connected with your type of visa (J-1) and withhold incorrectly Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax or FICA. If you have kept all your paperwork and followed all rules the US tax service will refund all these taxes back to you.

How much time it would take to receive my taxes back?

Processing normally would take 3 to 4 weeks when you provide W2 form and 5 to 7 weeks with your last paycheck, for some states this period is longer. The standars form of receiving your taxes back is a check with your name on it. It is issued by the IRS (the US tax service) and arrives within 5 to 7 weeks. After receiving the check all you have to do is cashing it in your bank and have the pleasure to spend the money you received back

Cashing the check could be done in any bank in Bulgaria. Only DSK bank provides a low fee for this service – 7 EUR to cash the check and 5 EUR for depositing it in your bank account with them if you have one.

Options and Pricing

Using W-2 Form - $59.00

Tax Refund Silver

This method requires W-2 Form from each employer you had in 2015

Using Last Paycheck / Pay stub - $64.00

Tax Refund Gold

You need to provide last Pay stub from each of your employers

The Fine Print

Each method includes preparation and submission for up to 3 employers.

Each method includes preparation and submission for 1 state only.

Additional Employers - $2.99 / each

Additional States - $4.99 / each