First Time in USA? •You need SSN! • We can help you!

All about Social Security Number or SSN

What is Social Security Card ?

Without this card you cannot work in USA. The number of this card is like your Identification Number in your country and IRS uses this number to identify you.

Hurry Up ?

Social Security Card can be issued only from Social Security Administration in the begining of your stay in USA. In 3 weeks of you arriving in USA You have to apply for Social Security Card!

When and How ?

We can help you to get a social security card quick and easy. We are organising transportation to the neares office of Social Security Administration witch is located in Salisbury, MD.


Lost, Broken or Stolen Card ?

If your card is lost, broken or you didn't recieve your card, please visit our office and consult with us about you problem.

Shuttle Schedule

Visit our office and sign up!

  • Roundtrip Price:$10
  • From:May / 08 / 2022
  • To:June / 29 / 2022


  • Monday - Friday at 7:00 am

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